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We believe the onchain economy will improve billions of lives globally. So, we're enabling anyone, anywhere to come onchain

We're in this together

At Onboard, we share your vision of a future where the onchain economy transforms lives and creates endless opportunities.

A global onchain network

Join our network of developers, entrepreneurs, and creators who share the same vision.

Access to the right tools

Access resources, education, and support to build awesome onchain apps.

Collaborating for success

Engage in knowledge sharing and partnerships within our hyper-supportive network.

Spreading the onchain love

Educate normies and create useful onchain apps and novel experiences that people love.

Unlock a better life onchain

Say goodbye to geographical limitations and hello to a world of possibilities. Onchain means economic freedom for all, no matter where you're from.  Join the pioneers, shaping the future of the onchain economy.

The simplest wallet

The simplest wallet to store your assets and manage your finances onchain. The best way to access Onboard Exchange.

Exchange your cash for digital dollars

Onboard Exchange is a global peer-to-peer exchange that allows anyone anywhere get onchain.

Crypto, but spend like cash

Spend crypto as easily as cash in your bank account with our Onboard Virtual Card. Make on-line and in store payments in 160+ Countries.

Crypto to cash in minutes

Send stablecoins to a designated wallet address, and receive cash in your bank account instantly.

Earn profits in our marketplace

As a merchant, this creates limitless opportunities for you. Join our P2P marketplace and easily buy or sell crypto while you earn profits.

Connect, Collaborate, Create

Onboard is not just a wallet; it's an exclusive community.

Curated events

Connect with fellow innovators at our IRL events.

Join hackathons

Showcase your skills and build novel onchain apps.


Contribute to exciting projects and get rewarded.

Build without boundaries

Our open platform is a playground for your dreams to become a reality.

Develop and list apps

Get your app curated and listed for visibility on Onboard Wallet

Create marketplace apps

Leverage our escrow protocol to develop marketplace apps for various uses.

Reach the right audience

Get your creations infront of our growing onchain community.

Get Involved

Join the movement that empowers people worldwide to unlock new opportunities onchain.