Onboard Virtual Cards

The Onboard Virtual USD Card is a reliable and convenient option for everyday purchases.  Once funded, you can use it for transactions wherever VISA is accepted, just like a regular bank card.

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Crypto, but spend like cash

Spend crypto as easily as cash in your bank account with our Onboard Virtual Card.


Access Onboard Virtual Cards in 160+ Countries

No matter where you are, our Onboard Virtual Cards are at your service.


Easier international payments

Easily pay for your Netflix, iTunes, and other subscriptions. Use your Onboard Virtual Cards to make payments wherever VISA is accepted.


Flexible and affordable funding

Enjoy the flexibility of funding your card at any time with cash, your Onboard Wallet Balance or external crypto wallets. Enjoy the best rates available.


How it works

Go to “Cards” at the bottom of your home screen

Fill your personal details, carefully read and agree to our terms of service

Fund your card with your wallet balance, from an external wallet or bank transfer

Complete the necessary steps, your Onboard Virtual Card will be funded and ready to use!

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